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HLM-RI Empfänger für HeliNav Loadmaster Lastmesszelle

Receiver Interface HLM-RI
  • For Use with HeliNav Loadmaster HLM-LC
  • Receives data up to a distance of 100 m
  • Supply voltage 11 … 28 VDC
  • Output: RS232, RS422, USB, analog
  • Small Footprint (133mm x 67mm x 43.5mm)
  • Receives data at 10 times a second
  • Analog or digital data outputs
  • Minimal start-up time
  • Very simple installation
  • Operates on 2.4 GHz licence free band

The wireless HeliNav Loadmaster receiver interface is used in conjunction with the HeliNav Loadmaster wireless Load Sensor. It provides the user with an easy way to receive and output data from the Load Sensor. Enclosed in a hardwearing aluminium box the receiver is suitable to be installed into environments where it may be subjected to harsh conditions.

The receiver is easy to install as it only requires DC power to be supplied to the unit. A SMA connector allows the use of an external antenna.

The receiver outputs a string of data from the Load Sensor which includes: Serial number, full scale, Load, Temperature, RSSI and battery voltage. The data is constantly outputted from the receiver straight from “power on” as long as the Load Sensor is in range. The output can be provided as either RS232, RS422, USB or Analog. The interface is suitable for applications where no user interaction is needed and data is fed into a third party data logger or remote display.


The HeliNav Loadmaster Load Sensor works in the worldwide harmonized band of 2.4 GHz so does not require a licence to operate and uses advanced technologies to enable data to be sent and received error free, these include, forward error correcting and data whitening.