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HLM-TD HeliNav Trackmaster

HeliNav Trackmaster HLM-TD

The HeliNav Trackmaster has been designed to provide pilots an easy to use and accurate system for line guidance and recording data. The HeliNav Trackmaster system is also compatible with the HeliNav Loadmaster load sensor, when used together it allows lifted weight and drops to be recorded to file for future billing purposes.

The 7” sunlight readable touchscreen provides clear and accurate positional data for the pilot with an easy to navigate menu system. This system allows the importing of shape files for areas to spray, as well as drop points for lifting jobs. When used for spraying, the pilot can see exactly which area of the shape has been sprayed as the shape is filled in on screen.

Once a job has been completed, the software allows the data to be exported in many geographic formats which include shape files and KML Google Map files, along with the positional data, area covered and amount lifted can also be reported and used for billing purposes.

The software also allows for user customisation of units, colours, CRS (coordinate reference system) as well as many more.


  • Accurate A-B line track guidance with user selectable spray widths
  • Imports ESRI shape files & Google Earth KML
  • Overlay spray lines onto shape file for visual confirmation
  • Total spray area calculation, Hectares m² , acres
  • Billing report generator
  • No spray zones
  • User selectable units: ton, kg, lbs, km/h (kph), mph, knots, m/s
  • Memory tares for zeroing out different equipment
  • Output recorded data as ESRI shape file or Google KML file
  • Records to file: date, time, load, location, spray on/off
  • User configurable colour schemes and options


  • External receiver update rate 10 times per second
  • Receives SBAS (Space Based Augmentation Signals) where available